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Internet Connections

Internet Connections

FTTC, FTTP and Leased Lines

Fibre Broadband

Access the UK’s next generation fibre network, offering faster download and upload speeds, reliable connectivity and consistently better performance for your business than a standard ADSL broadband connection.

How fibre broadband works

Fibre connections provide the fastest massmarket download and upload speeds available throughout the UK. We offer two types of fibre broadband, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) or FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). Availability of each is dependent on where your premises are located as, where available, only one option is present at each location.

We’ll make sure you get everything you need for your fibre connection and will manage the equipment installation every step of the way.

How FTTC works

Fibre optic cables link your local exchange to the cabinet in your street, while the connection between the street cabinet and your premises is copper (as with an ADSL broadband  connection). As copper performs well over short distances, you won’t experience any degradation in performance.

How FTTP works

The entire connection between your local exchange and your premises uses fibre optic cables, for premium resilience and performance.

How Fibre broadband will benefit your business

Increase speed and productivity Our fully unmetered Business Fibre service is the perfect solution if you have a number of users regularly transferring large amounts of data, accessing hosted cloud applications or using VoIP/video conferencing services. Our dynamic Traffic Management policy also ensures that your business critical applications are given the highest priority over our network.
Host multiple users The more users you have, the more bandwidth you need, and where standard ADSL connections can struggle to cope with a high number of users across one site, our Fibre Broadband services provide fast download and upload speeds to cater for businesses and demands of varying sizes.

Features & pricing

  Business Fibre
Monthly cost £ 27.50 + VAT
Monthly usage allowance Unmetered
Speed (up to) 80Mb download

20Mb upload

Connection cost

(12 month contract)

ADSL re-grade cost

(12 month contract)


Leased Lines

A fast, dedicated and direct Leased Line connection to the Internet, designed with resilience and flexibility in mind to suit any size of company and grow to match the ever-increasing demands of your business.

How Internet Connect works

Our service is designed to work with the best technology in your area, be it a Fibre Ethernet line, EFM or EoFTTC to provide fully uncontended symmetrical bandwidth.

Ethernet – offers the fastest symmetrical speeds and highest reliability of all Leased Lines with the ability to rapidly increase speeds when needed.

EFM – can offer minimal disruption as the copper lines it uses are usually already present. A fast, symmetrical, cost-effective option with a quicker lead time and the resilience of multiple copper pairs.

EoFTTC – an asymmetrical FTTC line routed through the Ethernet network instead of the general Broadband network offering a faster, more reliable service at a lower cost.

How Leased Lines will benefit your business

Increased productivity Your business is the exclusive user of your connection. Identical upload and download speeds are ideal for supporting high-bandwidth applications such as video, VoIP and off-site hosted data access. Optimise your business for the latest cloud and hosted services.
Guaranteed consistency An industry-leading 100% availability SLA and optimum fix times means that your connection will always be resilient, reliable and at the speed you demand. A choice of failover options also provides added security and we’ll automatically redirect your traffic in the event of a line failure so your business stays connected.
Complete flexibility Plan ahead for busy periods and increase your bandwidth at any time if you’re expecting high volumes of usage over a short period, or if your business is seasonal.

Product features

  Ethernet EFM EoFTTC
Speed 10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb 1Mb – 35Mb up to 80/20Mb
Line to exchange Fibre Copper Fibre & Copper
Service affecting fault fix time 5 hours 7 hours 8 hours
Failover options ADSL

Protected (100Mb/1Gb bearer only)

Diverse (100Mb/1Gb bearer only)

Diverse Plus (100Mb/1Gb bearer only)

Availability SLA 100%
ADSL monitoring Included as standard
Sentinel Included as standard
Hardware Cisco managed hardware
Contract length 1 – 5 years
Install times 30 – 72 working days 15 – 42 working days 15-42 working days