MJS IT Services provide a host of services for all your IT needs

ADSL & Fibre Broadband

ADSL & Fibre Broadband are permanent Internet connections providing fast access to the Internet 24 hours a day. They perform high speeds of delivery, whether you are downloading information from the Internet, sending emails, receiving files, streaming video or audio files.

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Anti-Virus Solutions

Viruses are the bane of the computing world. Virus such as BugBear, Nimda, and CodeRed to name but a few, have caused havoc to millions of PC users around the world.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

There are a number of solutions on the market today designed to keep your data protected against loss. Sadly many smaller business choose not to take advantage of them.

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Cloud Solutions

We can offer a multitude of cloud solutions. If you need data storage, email continuity, cloud virtualization or cloud CRM we can help.

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Computer Support

We offer various levels of computer support. During the agreement period, you are assured continued support via either telephone, email, remote or site visit. PC Upgrades – whether it be a new graphics card, or replace a motherboard, processor and memory – we will do our best to beat any written quote!

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Domain Names

A domain name is the address that people use to find you or your company on the Internet. In simple terms it’s what you type in your browser’s address bar to go to a specific website. For example, our domain name is: There is no limit to the number of domain addresses you can register.

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Email Systems

Email is an integral part of communication between companies. It is cheaper than letter, or fax, and can allow for responses to be made quicker and more efficiently.

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Hardware & Software Solutions

MJS IT Services Ltd are capable of providing hardware solutions, products and services for companies throughout the UK. We can help organisations enhance their business performance through the integration, delivery and support of the best hardware and software solutions available.

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Ink & Toner Supplies

At MJS IT Services, we are highly competitive on a wide range of toners and ink cartridges, from across the printing industry. Call MJS IT Services today to get a competitive quote!

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IT Consultancy

MJS IT Services Ltd has 15 years’ experience of providing IT Consultancy services to businesses.

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IT Recycling

We provide a commercial computer recycling and IT disposal solution for your unwanted computer and telecommunications equipment, and our aim is to refurbish some of this computer equipment to be reused by Charities and other organisations at an affordable low cost.

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Non Geographic Telephone Numbers

Non Geographic telephone numbers provide an 08xx or 0330 telephone numbers that gives your company instant recognisability as a business, will give potential customers peace of mind that the organisation that they are calling is a legitimate business and that it will provide a national identity for your business, as opposed to a local identity.

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Network Installation

We are experts at Computer and Telecommunications cabling, Troubleshooting and Fault Diagnosis, Installing Network Connections, Providing Network Hardware and Cabling Solutions.

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Postcode Anywhere

Receive a discount through MJS IT Services partnership with Postcode Anywhere when looking to buy the standard in rapid address auto-completion and validation. Postcode Anywhere is the market leader for UK address auto-fill in ecommerce. Accurate and rapid address validation tools are complemented by bank account validation and customer profiling.

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Remote Support

At MJS IT Services, we can provide your company with quick, friendly and insightful – nationwide remote IT support – from one of our highly skilled IT technicians at MJS.

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Software Development

MJS IT Services Ltd specialises in software development and database design, utilising Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. We also have experience developing custom-built applications tailored to your needs. Whether it is a complete system designed to handle your ordering, stock control, and despatching, or a bridge between an existing application – we can help.

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Telephone Systems

MJS IT Services Ltd can help with your telephone systems. We can provide a complete telecommunications solution, offering a full range of telephone systems, call management products and solutions.

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Website Design & Hosting

MJS IT Services Ltd has 10 years’ experience of developing exciting web pages. The use of the internet to find companies and products is increasing daily. We can design and set up your company website to promote your image globally.

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