ADSL & Fibre Broadband


At MJS IT Services, we can help your business get either ADSL Broadband or Fibre (where available) into your business. For more information, please contact our sales department on 01562 748573, or email for more information.

ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband offers high speeds of delivery, whether you are downloading information from the Internet, sending emails, receiving files, video or music – or sending information. It is charged at a flat rate per month, regardless of how many hours are spent on the Internet and allows you to make phone calls and surf the net at the same time on one single line. Broadband is essential for people or businesses who use the Internet regularly, because not only is it beneficial for speed & efficiency, but it can also increase your company’s overall productivity.

What is ADSL?

ADSL (“Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line”) is a permanent connection providing fast access to the Internet 24 hours a day. It carries data in both directions at the same time.

Main characteristics

  • Permanent connection providing fast access to the Internet 24 hours a day
  • Data carried in both directions at the same time
  • Download speeds are upto 24Mb
  • ADSL Broadband is charged at a flat rate per month
  • One single line can be used for telephone and internet at the same time


What are the main benefits of ADSL?

  • Always on connection, can be used 24/7
  • Fixed monthly cost, giving unlimited fast access to the Internet
  • Great value for money, important savings for intensive internet users
  • Enhanced productivity
  • You can make and receive phone calls, and use the internet at the same time over the same phone line
  • Improved efficiency
  • Faster emails
  • Download large files


At work

  • Fast access to business information such as market news, laws and regulations, financial and competitors’ information
  • Downloading software
  • Efficient homeworking
  • E-commerce 24/7
  • Videoconferencing – saving time and reducing the need and therefore cost of travel
  • Improved customer service, exchange of large files, quick replies to customers’ enquiries by email or to call back requests
  • E-training
  • Sharing data between offices


At home

  • Download large files
  • TV on-demand
  • Travel booking, online banking & shopping, all become more efficient with high speed access
  • Educational content accessible
  • Easy surfing on kids websites which often have a heavy content with graphics and images
  • Webcams & images enhanced with broadband
  • Faster connection to a wider choice of online games


Fibre Broadband

What is Fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband is also known as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). It is the next generation broadband connection. It uses fibre optic cables to provide much higher speeds, both in upload and download speed.

How does it work?

You use a brand new fibre link between your local exchange and the cabinet – where the internet comes into your street. The connection between the street cabinet and your premises is still copper but as copper performs well over short distances, you are able still to access high speeds.

What do I get?

Fibre broadband with MJS promises to make sure that you get the fastest possible speed, we will always provide your service using the fastest available technology.

Our service gives a current maximum download speed of 80mb.

MJS IT Services Ltd offers specialist, informed advice based on your specific requirements. Contact us now with your requirements either on 01562 748573, email us on or use our contact form and we will return to you with a competitive quote.