Email Systems

At MJS IT Services, if you have need for an effective and advanced email solution then perhaps we can assist. For more information, please contact our sales department on 01562 748573, or email for more information.

Email is an integral part of communication between companies. It is cheaper than letter, or fax, and can allow for responses to be made quicker and more efficiently.

The use of attachments can reduce the time it takes to print, and send documents through the post, as well as having a marked influence on the reduction of postage costs, heightening your Return on Investment (ROI). There is also a reduction in the ‘hassle’ factor as emailing can take place straight through applications such as Word, Excel and integration into many third party applications.

A large number of industries have newsletters allowing readers access to current news, advice and offers that only appear through Email.

We have experience in setting up email solutions for small and large companies alike.

Whether it is a full Exchange 2010 Server setup, or a lower-cost Mail Enable based system, we can accommodate your needs and requirements.

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