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SIP Solutions

SIP Solutions

Connect your phone system to the internet
Great Call Quality
Sound quality is improved through our providers engineered core network & use of the latest codecs.
Stable & Reliable
The providers we use expect to have years of core up time and the service is delivered by careful engineering & a team dedicated to delivery.
Fast Provisioning
Need more voice channels? Need numbers in a hurry? Get them quickly via us as we have direct access to our providers provisioning portal.

You have the ability to connect your PBX to the internet to make calls to any number, any place, at anytime!

What is SIP

A SIP Trunk allows the placing of outbound calls and the receiving of inbound calls using an internet connection, rather than using a physical phone line. They are fast becoming the standard technology that allows businesses to make and receive telephone calls without the need for an expensive ISDN circuit. The Quality of Service (QoS) has contributed to its increasingly widespread adoption. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to set-up and 'tear-down' telephone calls over IP networks, including the internet. It is this VoIP protocol that is most widely supported by modern devices, including IP-enabled PBXs.

Why use SIP?

Having separate voice & data networks is an outdated technology methodology. As data connectivity has grown it is now capable of providing large amounts of throughput for everyday communications. The switch from voice networks carrying data, to data carrying voice is a reconvergence of voice & data after a 20 year split. As the withdrawal of ISDN has been announced for 2025, voice networks move more and more towards SIP. Voice & data convergence reduces cost for businesses and enables better functionality, bringing modern day flexibility to voice.

Phone Numbers

Our provider has millions of UK numbers covering the whole of the UK. These can be quickly provisioned and commissioned onto your PBX. If you need an international number they can also be ordered and delivered by SIP.

Number Porting

Moving location or just want to move to SIP? You can keep all your numbers which will be seemlessly moved over to our SIP provider.

Fraud Detection

This is a vital security consideration for any business with call traffic due to the risk of fraudulent activity within the telecoms industry. This is not just limited to SIP but a very real risk. Fraud is not new to the telecoms industry but our providers approach to managing the risk of fraud is. Included in the price of a SIP Trunk are two of the best methods in operation in the market today. There is not a quick fix to wipe out fraud but they have provided peace of mind that should you be the target of fraud your account will warn you and automatically be suspended.

Failover and Recovery

If your PBX doesn't respond or register regularly our SIP solution can automatically route the call to an alternative landline, mobile or PBX. If you have multiple DDI numbers we can route each individual number to a different number. Find out that your PBX is down before your customers do. Monitoring and recovering from a number of voice issues can easily be set up with us.


Our providers core network supports T.38 fax protocol to end user devices. If you need to use T.38 please let us know and we will enable the configuration for you at no extra charge. If your PBX does not support T.38 you may experience problems sending and receiving faxes over VoIP lines. We are able to offer a Fax2email solution which will allow you to receive faxes direct to your email inbox.

Threat Detection

Every time your PBX registers, we scan your system for threats. We are trying to find security threats before hackers do. Coupling threat and fraud detection provides an outstanding level of comfort.


Allowing all types of communication; voice, data & video to use the same network has been around for many years. The efficiencies can be great, but it must be integrated correctly. We have the ability and a strong background knowledge to be able to converge your network.

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